Make 2013 your year to get Social in Health & Buisness

Do you have a digital footprint yet?

Is your Buisness or Organisation making the best use of social media ?

These facts may help you to build a case for upping your game in 2013

article on global attitudes survey 2012

In the UK, only 15% of respondents said they did not have Internet access

Global attitudes project stated that ;

46% of social media users discuss community issues

52%, of adults using social media services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Wouldn’t it be great if your club, department, patient group or small buisness had a way of sharing useful or interesting news, updates or offers with the Internet users?

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#Digifutures12 Digital Futures Conference – what I’m hoping to learn…

What do you want from your local services online ? What are you expecting to see when you look at your local councils website, or try to check out out your doctors surgery website for information about flu vaccine clinics ? Does your local council have a Facebook , twitter, YouTube or website presence?

The digital futures Shropshire conference is taking place on Monday, and I a shall be attending. I am interested in learning more about how to encourage people to use online services or information. What makes a website a hit or a miss? In this age of austerity I believe organisations have a responsibility to be making sure that they are making the best possible use of resources. This means spending some time considering who is actually using the information that is being provided digitally ? Who is looking at their web pages ? Which groups are missing out on this and what could be done to help change the current status quo ?

Internet has a massive potential for helping information spread about society, communities and special interest groups. As a GP I have an interest in helping people to find and use “quality” websites. I’m a big fan of the concept of getting the information out of the reservoirs and flowing down the pipes to the people that want it. I’m interested in using some of the tips and tricks that social marketing can offer to help to nudge people into a more informed position. What can we learn from those who work in the marketing industry? What examples of social media marketing can you spot at your breakfast table ? On the cereal packets?

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