New Years Resolutions, Gamification and Maintaining a Healthy Behaviour Change

#Gamification, #Selfcare and Maintaining a Healthy Behavior Change

This post is about New Years Resolutions . How to phrase the goal so you are more likely to succeed. It includes a link from Dr Mike Evans about the reasons why New Year is a good time to make a change, and includes some useful websites and tech ideas that could help us succeed in maintaining those healthy behaviors we have in mind.

Please watch the videos from the links and consider tweeting your New Years Resolution for 2015 with the #NewMe2015 hashtag.

If you know of other sites or ideas that you would like to share then please comment below.

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Epigenetics – your prebirth fitness programme

Work in progress

medical matters bbc podcast

This BBC podcast explains why the environment that your mother was exposed to can influence the health of your children. Your vulnerability to specific conditions seems to be influenced by the conditions your parents were exposed to. Adverse environments can cause genetic damage. The legacy of poor nutrition can span generations. It could explain why heart disease is more common in deprived populations.

There is a suggestion that the higher prevalence of obesity,diabetes and radio vascular disease in the southern states of America can be explained by the hardships the population experienced in the American Civil War.

The environment that the male finds themselves in also has an impact on the vulnerability of their children to particular metabolic diseases.

Epigenetics Wikipedia entry