I am scoping out interest in setting up some events for health Professionals who are interested in exploring how to use social media more effectively. By completing the survey at the bottom of this post you will help me to know what interest there is for these sorts of events.

I’m interested in organising events in Lancashire or West Yorkshire to help health professionals to discover how we can use social media to raise awareness of health issues , selfcare , health economics and local issues.

By meeting up at an event we could find ways of working together to maximise our social media efforts. Other groups such as local government & the blue light emergency services have already run workshops for their organisations. I believe there are benefits to CCGs & health professionals understanding more about twitter , Facebook , WordPress , LinkedIn ,Pinterest and even NHS email.

The event could be large or small, local or regional , over one day or a weekend. It could be residential ( in tents , camping barn, or hotel ).

These events can be used to find a co produced solution to a problem , help refresh a website design etc

Please contact me if you are an organisation or company interested in supporting this event either through helping to provide a venue or sponsorship for the event. Good wifi is essential – everything else is up for discussion.

Once we know who is interested we will be in a better position to chose a venue.
Please take a look. Follow the #elthcap13 tag and complete the survey here #ELTHCAMP13 Survey here. If you work in healthcare and live in East Lancs or West Yorkshire & may be interested in attending a social media skills event please enter your details here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9DWMSF6

    Some excellent examples of similar events are listed below



localgovcampnw http://pigsonthewing.org.uk/lightning-talks/




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