Coeliac Shopping

Proposal ; People who have Coeliac disease should be able to purchase gluten-free products front the supermarket using NHS vouchers. Please share your views on this by using the #CoeliacShop tag on twitter.

Those of us who don’t have Coeliac Disease are able to enjoy bread from the shops or bakers without worrying about the effect on our health. If you are sensitive to gluten containing foods you are currently able to have these “prescribed” by your GP and “dispensed” by the pharmacy. This seems like an expensive way of doing things when you consider that it looks like a loaf of bread through the pharmacy route costs approx £10 whereas a similar product from the supermarket is £2.

In Pendle , East Lancashire, we have 90000 patients. The drugs bill for gluten-free foods is £60000 per year. It is estimated that we could reduce this by at least 50% if we were to allow people to buy their choice of gluten-free products directly from the shops.
I expect this would appeal to the patients as it would increase their range of choice & offer them a more normal experience. GP practices are often encouraged to prescribe large quantities of loaves at a time as the pharmacies order them in batches, hence patients then have to figure out a way of storing them without them going off.

I propose a system where patients receive some vouchers which they can spend at the supermarket to buy gluten-free products.

Do you have coeliac disease ? What are your thoughts ?

Please indicate if you live in East Lancs .

Please include #coeliacShop in your tweets

Thanks. @stuartberry1



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