General practice adaption

In the run up to the #compassionWL events this week I have been reading around the subject of compassion in health. Lots of material in this article that would lend itself to discussion points about the subject. Many GPs are now using social media platforms such as @resilient GP to cultivate methods of managing their stress & unCompassionate working conditions / working lives.
As the prospect of more GPs being added to the workforce is looking increasingly slim we need to consider what the GPs can STOP DOING so that we have more space for contemplation , compassion & care.

A Better NHS

In 2001 Richard Smith, then editor of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) wrote an editorial titled, Why are doctors so unhappy?  and found the source of their unhappiness in a bogus contract in which medicine promised too much and delivered too little to the mutual disappointment of doctors and patients.

In 2013 John Launer responded in an essay titled, Doctors as Victims in which he called for doctors to reflect on how powerless they felt despite being in possession of far more power than their patients.

Returning to the theme, and linking these two pieces together, Smith has responded with a much less sympathetic blog for the BMJ this week,

General practitioners have replaced farmers as the profession that complains the most.

I have no sympathy for them. I want them to stop being victims and become leaders, people who solve problems rather than complain about them and expect others…

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