Just In Case: Patient-Led Solutions to the A&E problem

Well presented discussion points – in glad I didn’t miss the reference to this article that was made in a tweet. Understanding the system which makes people take the decisions that they select is essential if society is to continue benefiting from a universal health care system. Patients are making Rational Decisions – they just aren’t always the ones the health managers would like them to take

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Like many people who spout rhetoric about the NHS, I am guilty of indulging in the blame game. Some professionals and policy makers ‘blame’ patients for ‘inappropriate attendance’ at A&E and we have millions spent on campaigns to urge us to ‘choose wisely’ when thinking about heading that way (assuming that we do not make rational choices).

Likewise, I can blame professional for thoughtless and ineffective policies and practices. Or, I can point the finger at ‘the system’ for being professionally-centric. Note that the notion of blaming ‘the system’ is itself a neat trick that casts a blanket of blame over others, without requiring us to be more precise about where the problem lies. It is also a familiar tactic for the traditional patient movement through which we can maintain an ‘us and them’ attitude and an adversarial posture towards improvement.

However, this one vexes me. I have been active…

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The First Digital Makeover

Does your company or organisation need a #Digital makeover ? Wondering about how to quench the thirst for information and engagement within your sector. Contact john Popham & Helen Reynolds for more info

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Well, we did it! The first Digital Makeover is complete. Helen Reynolds and myself are offering organisational Digital Makeovers in which we go in and try to reach every part of the company with some digital magic over the course of 2 days.


We had a great time working with some wonderful people at Yorkshire Coast Homes. The feedback was fantastic, the energy of the staff and board members we worked with was infectious, and it all carried us through the barrier of tiredness which hit us towards the end of the second day. We even managed to fit in a great Tweetup on the Monday evening, which allowed us to make further contact with some of the Scarborough digital community.


Here’s the Storify of the 2 days http://sfy.co/a0Lbe

Having done one, we are desperate to do more. It’s such a fantastic way of working. If you’d like us…

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