Aging & e-Patients: Challenges and opportunities in geriatrics

Activating the #epatient inside us all , young or old , rich or poor is the only way that healthcare can be delivered on a nationwide scale in times of financial restraint. How can we sell the dream – the idea – of what could be achieved ?


On Golden Pond
Blog post by Leslie Kernisan, MD

How can we, as a society, as healthcare providers and as healthcare leaders, provide good care to vulnerable older adults? Consider this person:

Mrs. A is an 86 year old widow who lives in assisted living. She’s been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, COPD, osteoarthritis in her back and knees, stage III chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis, depression, and urinary frequency. Her daughter Ruth lives about an hour away. She’s been worried about her mother’s mood and memory.

You don’t have to be a geriatrician – as I am — to find yourself taking care of someone like this. Many of us have an elderly relative whose multiplying health problems cause us to worry.

And worry we certainly should, because people like Mrs. A often struggle with health, and with healthcare.

To begin with, the ideal management of most of her chronic conditions requires…

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