WORN STORIES: What tweets about carpets tells you about WH Smith

Dan Slee

3488574676_8164da6c68_bFor a while now the line between digital and boundaries have been blurring.

Job descriptions we used to have don’t hold up anymore. There used to be a dedicated customer services team but as Eddie Coates-Madden has said on many occasions we’re all now customer services now.

Why? Because once you start to use digital channels you open a door to anew world. It’s one where people can talk back to you, ask questions, be snarky, be nice and to ask why haven’t the bins gone out.

Customer services on Twitter really fascinates me. For the first 18 months using @walsallcouncil I was it. When I asked for Christmas Day dinner to be postponed for 10 minutes because we were going out gritting and I had to tweet it I kind of new I was probably in too deep.

There is a rather fascinating new Twitter that has sprung out…

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