Doctor First – One Practice Journey…

One GPs View of Their New “Doctor First” Appointment System. Is the grass greener?

Heather Wetherell

Doctor First Appointment system – A 21st century Solution?

“Accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you can”
       –  Reinhold Niebuhr

No one can argue that current ‘demand’ in the NHS is high.
We can argue until the cows come home, as to why, or who/what is responsible for this ever increasing demand.  But unless we think we can alter this demand in the immediate foreseeable future, maybe – just maybe – we should start thinking about how we can manage it.

What if it is time to adapt?

For more than 60 years now – long before the birth of the NHS – General Practitioners have been offering the same traditional style of service: Patient decides on need to see doctor. GP offers a time to be seen. GP sees patient. 
This has always been considered the gold standard, the very essence of the…

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