Steve Spangler – the Geeser with the Geysers ( mints in coke bottle chap) discusses youtube, what makes a viral video &analytical tools for Social Media

The blog is good ,links great & the podcast is worth listening to Steve Spangler Is the chap who came up with the idea of dropping a mint into a coke bottle to create a fountain. He trained as a science teacher , then started looking for other ways of making science fun & stimulating. He had approx 61 episodes on YouTube before the coke fountain experiment caught on and went viral. This gives good insights into what works & what doesn’t in marketing and social media. Eg the YouTube analytics helped him to know how long people looked at his videos before moving away from the site When he became more popular , he was given a bigger budget , but also had to be delivering the “don’t try this at home” safety announcement to keep the lawyers happy He used analytics to figure out how to keep the safety message as well as his audience



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