Make 2013 your year to get Social in Health & Buisness

Do you have a digital footprint yet?

Is your Buisness or Organisation making the best use of social media ?

These facts may help you to build a case for upping your game in 2013

article on global attitudes survey 2012

In the UK, only 15% of respondents said they did not have Internet access

Global attitudes project stated that ;

46% of social media users discuss community issues

52%, of adults using social media services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Wouldn’t it be great if your club, department, patient group or small buisness had a way of sharing useful or interesting news, updates or offers with the Internet users?

But we already have a site !!! You may be saying. How often is it updated? How easy is it to update? Is it someone else’s job ? More importantly, are you happy with the info you are providing to the people who use your site ?

Please start 2013 by having a look at your own organisations website, blog or social media offerings. Could you do better ?

Sites like this are very easy to set up & run. You can update them from a smart phone as I am doing now.

I work in healthcare, in the UKs National Health Service. It would be fantastic if more health organisations or departments had great websites in 2013. Maybe the people who actually work in those departments could be the ones creating the content and maintaining the websites?

That would be one way if promoting channel shift in the NHS. #CShiftNHS


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