Where are your Internet Hotspots and Notspots ? #wifi,#CShiftNHS

Notes from http://www.peskypeople.co.uk #Digifutures12 event in Shropshire 2012

3.91 Million people in the UK have never used the internet. That is approximately 1 in 10 adults in the UK.

1 in 6 adults have some form of hearing loss. These people may be reliant on using email, sms or social media channels for accessing your services.

Ken Eastwood of Digital Nomads said…

Radio Shropshire reaches 30% of the target population every day. Half the population is online every day , but 1/3 are never online at all.

15% of people on social networks are content creators – but remember that curation of information is just as important as creating it. We need people to share the information so it gets off the shelf and into the homes.

We are now living in a networked society. Connectivity between people is as important online as it is offline. Relationships and contacts can start online but develop offline. #ukuncut was a hashtag before it was a physical movement.

Effective online interaction can bring realword change.

Coventry City Council now have 11000 followers on Facebook. 4000 unique visitors per week. over 25% join following a link on website. 18% come from facebook recommendations from their social media contacts. 50% are aged under 25 years old. Most of the people posting the comments are aged over 40 years.



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