Telehealth wiki? Or Spreadsheet

I don’t know if anyone already produces this – but wouldn’t it be great if there was a nationwide / worldwide chart of telehealth projects with clickable links.

Each project could be presented in a vertical column with key aspects of the projects listed down the side.

For each project we could indicate if it is uses remote monitoring ,video or telephone communications. ( or email, SMS etc)

A vertical column could indicate what parameters are being measured ; bp , pulse oxygen Sats from finger probe, temp, weight, peak flow ( for asthma) bm etc

Could list project start & end date & link to a review / interim report on the progress.

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COPD Telehealth in East Lancashire

Remote monitoring in COPD ; how much & how often ?

  • As a GP associated with the East Lancs COPD Telehealth Project I have been considering what evidence there currently is for the model of Telehealth which is being proposed.

    I was asked to join this project in spring 2012. The choice of providers & type of teleheath technology had already been agreed. The aim was to explore how the technology could be used in East Lancashire COPD patients, and shed some light on how much impact this could have on the patients experience of COPD and what impact it had on the healthcare workload.

    We are planning on using remote monitoring technology to enable remote recording of the patients blood pressure, pulse oximetry and temperature. These readings are taken by the patient ONCE a day and sent to a remote monitoring hub which effectively aims to spot significant changes and decides if the patient needs to have contact with a clinical team member.

    Patients will be selected on the basis of those at high risk of needing a medical admission in the following year using the Blackpool NHS Predictive Risk Tool. This tool is being incorporated into the GP patient record systems of practices which signup to working with the project.

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