Kaiser Permanente Mobile Apps Making Massive Impact

“I have a heart condition and have to get my Coumadin (#warfarin)checked regularly,” said Kaiser Permanente patient Richard Miller, 76, of Vallejo, Calif. “I get an alert that I have new test results, and they email me if I need to change my dosage. I also go to the encyclopedia to tell me what my lab results mean, and I can make and change appointments.”

The above paragraph illustrates the potential of mobile health applications to revolutionise the way we interact with our healthcare providers. Wouldn’t it be great if an email could be generated to let the patient know when their blood result is back and has been auctioned by their clinical team? Think of the savings in time and reduction in risk. Emailing the results means that the doctor knows that the result has been received ( could incorporate a read receipt system).

It would be fantastic If we could offer this in the UK. What are your views on this ? Please click on the speech bubble to leave a comment & share the link on your preferred social media. Thanks. @stuartberry1
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