Vitamin D Public Information Campaign. Idea for saving Money

Vitamin d education. I could easily request via d levels (£30) and treat for fit d deficiency ( £40 ) a year for most of my patients . > 90% have low levels. As the population realises that many memebers of the community have low levels this causes more people to come forward. The vitamin d djinn or genie has come out of the bottle.

Vitamin d deficiency wasn’t something we looked for or treated 3 years ago. I suspect it is one of the fastest growing expenditure item on the drugs budget.

It is also not confined to the Asian population. I have encountered many ung white adults with very low levels of vitamin d as well. This should not just be attributed to modesty clothing.

Proposal is that we could devise a programme to raise awareness of the lifestyle factors that cause vit d deficiency. Encourage people to see vit d as a part of their diet ( we don’t routinely prescribe protein on nhs )

I suggest we adopt the line of one or two courses of vit d replacement to build up levels to therapeutic norm , then advise that the patient maintains this through diet. People mayb say they don’t want to take or buy CID liver oil supplements or eat fish – but I don’t believe the nhs can support vit d supplementation long term.

This could be costed out & worked up in more detail if there is enough interest.

2 thoughts on “Vitamin D Public Information Campaign. Idea for saving Money

  1. Some more tweeted comments re vit d

    sunvitamin Oliver Gillie
    @StuartBerry1 -cost of #vitaminD is low, compared to benefits to overall health, as well as bone health. Our #NHS can and shd supply…
    May 24, 12:43 AM via HootSuite

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