Language Podcasts or Video to facilitate spread of Health Information

Language lessons Via podcast or webcast , YouTube Vimeo site to facilitate language that is used when visiting the doctors. In polish, Lithuanian and Urdu.

Could feature health information so there are several strands to this. I have been approached to work with the community radio in producing some health information podcasts – this could be part of this . Builds engagement in the community , breaks down barriers , and improves communication skills.

Contact me @stuartberry1 or retweet this / share the idea.

We have very limited resources in the nhs to support these ideas. Social media can help to spread the ideas, build the momentum & encourage our leaders and councils to consider them in their plans.


How to Get the Most out of Your 10 Minute GP Consultation

This is the roundup of the suggestions from the twittersphere about how to get the most out of your 10 Minute appointment with the GP. Big Thanks to all the comments and clicks this got … clearly this was worthwhile doing and is not finished yet. #10minsGPguide

Please feel free to post more comments. These have been collated using @Grabchat

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