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Useful Apps for GPs to install on their iPad

So you have a new iPad, and maybe you are wondering just what you could do with it to use the iPad to its full potential ? These are a … Continue reading

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Ebola: A new way to learn what’s going on, from experts, journalists and locals

Originally posted on
“It all depends on what we do in the next few weeks,” said infectious disease expert Chikwe Ihekweazu, speaking on Ebola at TEDGlobal on Friday. What happens…

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Compassion in Emergency Care: More than a cup of coffee?

Originally posted on The Rolobot Rambles:
As part of series of interviews with my consultant colleagues I have been chatting to Dr. Pro Mukherjee. Pro is an avid advocate of…

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Communication by @kendonaldson

Originally posted on dghealth:
“My father was in hospital for 2 weeks and not once did I get to speak to a doctor” “All it would have taken was a…

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Storytelling, tacit knowledge and a leadership Indaba

Storytelling, tacit knowledge and a leadership Indaba.

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North Halifax Grammar Car Boot & Table Top Sale

Originally posted on Halifax North & East Blog:
The North Halifax Grammar School Parents’ Association is holding a Car Boot and Table Top Sale on Saturday 20 September in the school…

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What happens next?

Originally posted on Good Practice Exchange at The Wales Audit Office:
Guest blog from Alastair Blair of The Potent Mix, who reflects on the Making a Virtue of the Virtual Shared…

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Aging & e-Patients: Challenges and opportunities in geriatrics

Originally posted on hcldr:
Blog post by Leslie Kernisan, MD How can we, as a society, as healthcare providers and as healthcare leaders, provide good care to vulnerable older adults?…

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Pretty much the perfect prank.

Originally posted on Pandamoanimum's Blog:
@stuartberry1:Inspired carpark chaos ! Originally posted on Pandamoanimum's Blog: View original

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Channel shift or Channel shove?

Originally posted on benthamtowers:
For one reason or another  I wasn’t blogging much at the time I attended the inaugural channel shift camp in November 2013, organised by the amazing Nick…

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Another AGM and buckwheat slaw salad

Another AGM and buckwheat slaw salad.

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The Human Side Of Social Media

Originally posted on Blether And Blogger:
“Last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.” ~ T.S. Eliot. A year is a long time in…

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Making a Deal: Unlocking Potential In Communities

Originally posted on Paul Taylor :
 There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.  Ask “What’s possible?” not “What’s wrong?”  Be brave enough to start a…

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Wifi for Hospital Patients: A Major Breakthrough

Originally posted on John Popham's Random Musings:
Just when I was feeling the Campaign for Free Wifi for Hospital Patients had stalled, there comes news of a major breakthrough.…

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Guest post @markoneinfour: social media and public professionals #expo14NHS

Originally posted on Connecting Social Care and Social Media:
? ? ? Mark Brown who tweets as @markoneinfour is exploring “What is the role of social media in health and…

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WORN STORIES: What tweets about carpets tells you about WH Smith

Originally posted on The Dan Slee Blog:
For a while now the line between digital and boundaries have been blurring. Job descriptions we used to have don’t hold up anymore.…

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Self care for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Originally posted on clinicalalimentary:
As of last weekend the Self Care Plan for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is free access for those people with the condition and for…

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Doctor First – One Practice Journey…

Originally posted on Heather Wetherell:
Doctor First Appointment system – A 21st century Solution? “Accept the things you cannot change, and change the things you can”        –  Reinhold…

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Imagine a World Where NHS Paid For Replacement Car Tyres

Imagine the following scenario; NHS decides that to reduce the costs associated with car accidents they will introduce a way of reducing the number of cars with faulty tyres on … Continue reading

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If the NHS was a Food Outlet , what would it be ?

When was the last time you went out for some food? Was it to a restaurant , a take away or just a bakers? The chances are that you entered … Continue reading

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Steve Spangler – the Geeser with the Geysers ( mints in coke bottle chap) discusses youtube, what makes a viral video &analytical tools for Social Media

The blog is good ,links great & the podcast is worth listening to Steve Spangler Is the chap who came up with the idea of dropping a mint into a … Continue reading

16/03/2013 · Leave a comment Could this be the solution that brings wifi access into GP waiting rooms

Looking for a WiFi solution for your waiting room? then check out their site It Looks great – a cloud based management – self service of access to wifi … Continue reading

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Apptamism : New Word of the Week

New word of the week = Apptamism . The art of being optimistic about what will happen once an organisation develops its own apps. I agree that apps need to … Continue reading

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Compassion debate :nature or nurture & why it’s worth considering the bigger picture before rushing to “fix” the NHS through more rules & regulations

Compassion in NHS is big news this week. The Francis report is out, and all branches of healthcare are considering its implications. This article discusses the fragility of compassion once … Continue reading

10/02/2013 · 5 Comments

Make 2013 your year to get Social in Health & Buisness

Do you have a digital footprint yet? Is your Buisness or Organisation making the best use of social media ? These facts may help you to build a case for … Continue reading

01/01/2013 · 2 Comments

New Years Resolutions, Gamification and Maintaining a Healthy Behaviour Change

Gamification, #NewMe2013 and Maintaining a Healthy Behavior Change This post is about New Years Resolutions . How to phrase the goal so you are more likely to succeed. It includes … Continue reading

26/12/2012 · 7 Comments

Green Dreams Project In Nelson & East Lancashire

Worthwhile Project in East Lancashire offering people a fresh start Green Dreams Project in Nelson I have been looking at the new look website for this popular resource today. Please … Continue reading

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Where are your Internet Hotspots and Notspots ? #wifi,#CShiftNHS

Notes from #Digifutures12 event in Shropshire 2012 3.91 Million people in the UK have never used the internet. That is approximately 1 in 10 adults in the UK. 1 … Continue reading

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#Digifutures12 Digital Futures Conference – what I’m hoping to learn…

What do you want from your local services online ? What are you expecting to see when you look at your local councils website, or try to check out out … Continue reading

09/09/2012 · 9 Comments

Telehealth wiki? Or Spreadsheet

I don’t know if anyone already produces this – but wouldn’t it be great if there was a nationwide / worldwide chart of telehealth projects with clickable links. Each project … Continue reading

19/08/2012 · 2 Comments

COPD Telehealth in East Lancashire

Remote monitoring in COPD ; how much & how often ? As a GP associated with the East Lancs COPD Telehealth Project I have been considering what evidence there currently … Continue reading

17/08/2012 · 4 Comments

Kaiser Permanente Mobile Apps Making Massive Impact

“I have a heart condition and have to get my Coumadin (#warfarin)checked regularly,” said Kaiser Permanente patient Richard Miller, 76, of Vallejo, Calif. “I get an alert that I have … Continue reading

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A&E attendance for serious conditions 🆙3.4% in East Lancashire

The 999 demand over recent weeks has been very high, it continues to rise and shows no sign of easing. The Category A (life threatening 999 calls) have risen particularly … Continue reading

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Save NHS Resources through improving Patient, Carers and Clinical Staff Access to online GP Health Record

[attachment=0]20120508 How we saved 20 a patient by offering records access.pdf[/attachment] Dr Rimon Chowdhury , one of my partners at Reedyford, emailed this link to me recently. There was a … Continue reading

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Language Podcasts or Video to facilitate spread of Health Information

Language lessons Via podcast or webcast , YouTube Vimeo site to facilitate language that is used when visiting the doctors. In polish, Lithuanian and Urdu. Could feature health information so … Continue reading

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Vitamin D Public Information Campaign. Idea for saving Money

Vitamin d education. I could easily request via d levels (£30) and treat for fit d deficiency ( £40 ) a year for most of my patients . > 90% … Continue reading

24/05/2012 · 2 Comments

How to Get the Most out of Your 10 Minute GP Consultation

This is the roundup of the suggestions from the twittersphere about how to get the most out of your 10 Minute appointment with the GP. Big Thanks to all the … Continue reading

18/05/2012 · 2 Comments

Notes from RCGP 2011 conference

Oldham : knee decision aid 6/10 patients modified their expectations of knee replacement as treatment of osteoarthritis after reading the decision aid from nhs direct ” if they don’t … Continue reading

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Dementia Care Suggestion

So the UK government has decided to launch a three-pronged initiative to help those who have dementia or care for someone who has it. Their plan is to encourage the … Continue reading

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COPD Proposed Pilot to Facilitate SelfCare in East Lancashire

Self-care for patients with COPD – Formal Proposal of the Pilot Background An estimated 3 million people have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the UK. Most people are not … Continue reading

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COPD Selfcare Proposal

We are knocking about with some ideas for a COPD self-care project. I would appreciate some feedback before getting the idea worked up in more detail. This is the more … Continue reading

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Two more Cartoons Explaining the tragedy of the commons concept

Both are worth watching and offer different takes on an idea that is completely relevant to how we use healthcare systems today Enjoy !

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Epigenetics – your prebirth fitness programme

Epigenetics Work in progress medical matters bbc podcast This BBC podcast explains why the environment that your mother was exposed to can influence the health of your children. Your vulnerability … Continue reading

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Governing the Commons ; what can it offer the NHS

Click here to be taken to post that suggests what the NHS can learn from the Elinor Ostrom’s book “Governing the Commons. The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action”

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